Talks (Selection)

  • 2021: NoHat: Ghidra2CPG: From Graph Queries to Vulnerabilities in Binary Code
    (Slides) (Video)(invited)

  • 2019: Huawei Bug Bounty Con: A Practical Introduction to the Code Analysis Platform Joern
    (Slides) (invited)

  • 2019: Connected Data London: Elegant and Scalable Code Querying with Code Property Graphs
    (Slides) (Video) (invited)

  • 2018: O'Reilly Strata - Code Property Graphs - A Modern Queryable Representation for Code

  • 2018: O'Reilly Data Show Podcast - How machine learning can be used to write more secure computer programs

  • 2015: Security and Privacy - Automatic Inference of Search Patterns for Taint Style Vulnerabilities (Slides) (Video)

  • 2014: CCC - Mining for Bugs with Graph Database Queries
    (Slides) (Video)

  • 2011: BlackHat USA - Vulnerability Extrapolation
    (Slides) (Video)